Saturday, January 27, 2007 the ultra exclusive private network launches Ver.2 while aSmallWorld get's BIG

"Gated Online Communities" have been around now for well over a year, the most known ones being probably aSmallWorld and OutOrIn. Shortly after the launch of the SmallWorld Community, and it's announcement of having exceeded 150.000 members, the much more exclusive competitor was launched, with the promise to keep what SmallWorld had initially promised all of it's now disappointed members, mainly to be and stay the most exclusive private network on the net. We have followed the development over the last couple of month of both networks as well as other more mainstream networks which previously introduced the internet to "Social Online Networking" sites like friendster and other "open" online communities. Shifting it's not so well connected Members now into "aBigWorld", the SmallWorld community has exceeded it's critical mass some time ago, if you are a member of the community,and privileged enough to be in their "SmallWorld" section, (confused?) you will still wonder what is exclusive about some 14 year olds putting up threads of what socks to wear, and other strange and very unimportant and sometimes plain rude subjects., has to cope now with another problem, which is all the defecting ex. members, which apparently have clogged their filter system,
after the press release that the Weinstein Brothers as investors are on their way to grow "SmallWorld" into a 2 Million plus community! How OutOrIn verify that you are a holder of a CenturionAmex Card (the black one) still remains a mystery to me. Apparently they are now taking things even further requesting some paperwork, much like you would need to provide for any other serious private member club application. Talking about private member clubs, we have been told by some disappointed applicants, that they have been rejected stating that they are members of some pretty much irrelevant disco clubs. I guess what the management of OutOrIn is looking for are member clubs in the league of private golf Clubs with a couple of hundred thousands US$ yearly membership fee. To conclude, my feeling is is taking over where aSmallWorld left, which is skimming off the serious 25+, Centurion Card Holders and trying to connect these for business and pleasure, and leaving the 18 year old Gold Card Holders to spend their time discussing how to get by the real life night club bouncer, and what socks to wear that night. (c) Marc L. 2007